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I am Blessed  Vision Board Craft

Create a Vison Board with your kiddo for the new year.


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  • Baby Berries Printout (submit email to download below)

  • Poster Board (Large)

  • Markers, Color Pencils

  • Scissors

  • Glue Stick

  • Stickers (Your choice)

  • Pictures (Printouts, or from Magazines) (of your child, hobbies, or other things that your child likes)


  • Gather all supplies

  • Download/Print out the Baby Berries printout

  • Printout images for the vision board

  • Color Printout and help your kiddo fill it out.

  • Glue printout to Vision Board (PosterBoard)

  • Add quotes pictures and stickers on the Board.
  • Put up on the wall to see every day.

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