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I am Caring Craft

I am Caring Flower Pot Craft

Image by Taeshin T.

Fun and Easy Craft to create

for your friends & family!







1. Gather all your supplies, grab one green construction paper and another color of your choice for your pot.

2. Choose 5 flower stickers.

3. Place your hand on the green construction paper and trace your hand with a marker.

4. Draw out your pot and cut out your pot and hand from the construction papers.

5. Make sure that sketch lines are facing up and glue your hand on top of your pot. This way no sketch lines will be on the front of your craft.

6. Carefully pull the paper off of the flower stickers and place one sticker on every finger of the green construction paper.

7. Write I am Caring on the bottom of the pot and you can write your name as well. Then choose 5 things you care about and write them on each stem.

8. Cut a strip of Magnet tape and place the sticky side down on the back of your craft.

Stick your magnet craft on your fridge and share it with Friends and Family!

Supply list for I am caring craft
Image by Taeshin T.
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