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So, simple of a law, The Universal Law of Love, a child could comprehend it.

“If we hurt others, we will experience pain

If we love others, we will experience love!”

Then as parents we are entrusted and have the responsibility to teach the characteristics of love to our child/children.

(Character-the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves)

(someone’s personality – usually singular. )

With teaching and explaining love to a child (preschooler) keep it simple.

  • Teach kids through example –

A child watches their parent and observes behavior, so be aware of your actions and words. Children learn by what they see for what is and what is not acceptable.

  • Teach them to want not to need – a child can learn to be grateful for what he/she has.

Explaining differences of what a want is and what is a need. Find a program where children can give back especially to another child that is in need versus a want.

  • Discipline is love – Discipline with young children is more about boundaries and keeping a child safe.

Watch words and tone with young children. Words are powerful just as negative words can harm, positive words can heal. Words shape our child’s view of themselves, their personality and shapes the relationship we as parents develop with them, this also, goes beyond the childhood years.

  • Show your child love through praise – Give your child encouragement.

When a child does something good let them know it with positive compliments. Even when a child doesn’t do well find something positive message about it. There is never failure only learning lessons.

  • Listen to your child and be empathetic listener –

Listening to your child and showing your child that you care with love and understanding on what they have to say matters.


Love’s Patience, Love is patient.

Love’s Generosity, Love is kind.

Love’s Humility, Love does not boast.

Love’s Courtesy, Love is not rude.

Love’s Restraint, Love is not easily angered.

Love’s Joy, Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.


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