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     Cherishing your child is so important, always keep in mind your child is

only small for a short time.



Take the time to smell your baby’s head and watch your child sleep. Be

Fun, dance and play with them. No matter what age wash your child’s hair

and take time to brush it. Cuddle them during a movie or doing Saturday

morning cartoons.

     Always be present because one day you’ll wonder if you appreciate the

sweet and tender moments found in everyday life with your little one. Some-

times you will come to realize at the end of the day that you didn’t cherish

your child that day due to running around, working, and all the day’s to-do’s

that you were so busy from the moment you woke up, so try and stop.

Breathe, may set a time each day on your phone to think did I engage with

my child today?


      Be present by actively listening as if they’re telling you the most important

details in the world. To your little one, they’re the most important words in the

world. The stories won’t always be exciting, but the more you engage, the more

you learn about your child. You’ll get to enjoy the sweet and silly parts of their

personality as they tell you about their day.


     Record everyday moments not just the big events. When your children leave

your home, it’s the everyday things you’ll miss most.


     The years are incredibly short.

You have just 18 summers with your

children at home. There are only so many hugs and snuggles that you can

embrace. Cherish your child while you can!

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