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Teaching children the spirit of giving and showing them the importance of

thinking of others, and how to be kind which is a productive way of having

a child be a loving member/contributor of our world.


   Having a child volunteer and give back to their community is more likely

to have greater respect for others, leadership skills, and an understanding

of citizenship that can be carried over to adulthood.


  When teaching a child about giving start small.

· If a neighbor, asks to watch their pet when they go out of town. Have

your child participate by helping feed, walk, or what a child can do to


· Children love to do arts/crafts. Have your child make cards, paintings, or something the child made and take them to a children’s hospital like

“Get Well” cards. Paintings could be shared with the elderly at nursing


· Encourage your child to donate from their allowance or birthday money

to a cause they care about. Like giving to a donation box at a pet store.

· Teaching your child just to be kind and how to give compliments to others.

· Giving and showing respect by saying “please” and “thank you”.

· If there is a place where children’s clothes and toys can be donated. Let

your child be part of the process by putting together the donation box

and giving to where the toys/clothes are being donated.

· At Christmas time you see a Giving Tree at a store where you can buy a

a gift for a child. Have your child pick the tag and pick out the gift and

take it back, so the child experiences buying/giving for others.

  Lessons a child learns by giving.

· Giving makes you feel happier.

· Giving is good for health.

· Giving helps the social connection.

· Giving evokes gratitude.

· Giving is contagious.

The Law of Giving says the more you give of yourself without expecting a return, the more that will come back to you.

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