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As parents we planted our seeds and have gone through the cycle of seeding our tiny baby plant, known as our embryo. The embryo took root and the three needs of germination (water, correct temperature (warmth), and right location (such as in soil) have been met. Did you know? Before a seed germinates, it is DORMAT (means, alive but inactive).

With proper conditions met (water, correct temperature, and right location meaning w/soil) the seed begins to Sprout!

Our child/children are that seed that is now sprouting and the way we guide, teach and care for that growth is up to us to instill positivity into their lives by our words, actions and teaching them their own self-talk. As your child (plant) is growing keep in mind that a child learns by what they see and actions that you make

(They do watch and take in everything). Those are important in a child’s (plant) growth, so is self-talk and their belief in themselves.

As your child (plant) is sprouting into their beliefs about themselves take the time to be mindful of the words you choose to speak to them and listen to how they speak about themselves. Example: If somehow a child heard someone call them stupid or dumb and you heard your child repeat that about themselves. Give them positive words to repeat to themselves: I AM SMART; I AM CONFIDENT. Etc., Then explain that the person who said that was wrong for what they said and try to explain with some kind of empathy for the person who said it, so a child doesn’t learn dislike or grudges towards another, but empathy for who said it. Remember your child/children are sprouting everyday on becoming who they were meant to be. Give them positive reinforcements to Sprout (grow) into positive person on who they were meant to be!

" If you think of your mind as a garden, you know that there is only so much space for things to grow. Plant lots of positive “seeds” and then you can see that there is no room left for negative weeds to flourish. The more positive seeds you plant, the more positive flowers there will be. So, the next time a negative thought dares to enter your lovely mind-garden, cut it out. It’s easiest to do this when it is still a seedling, a niggling worry or concern. As soon as you dig that negative thought out, plant a new positive thought. " Affirmations for every day by: Gilly Pickup

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