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Teaching Kindness

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Teaching Your Child Kindness

* MODEL IT... Take note of your behavior and understand modeling a positive role model is the number one most important thing you can do! * SELF TALK .... Take time to teach your child "I will try my best" in all that they do. Positive self-talk gets them to recognize what went well or what they did well. Teach your child/children to give themselves the same kindness and patience as they give to others! * FOCUS ON THEIR POSITIVE .... Compliment and give encouragement on the things they do well. Don't always focus on chores and what they aren't doing right. Find a way that they did their best like making their bed, picking up a room, toys etc. * POSITIVE ACTION .... Ways to be kind. A simple act of saying please and thank you. Giving a compliment to someone and accepting a compliment with responding "Thank you". At this young age sharing whether it be kind. Teach treat others with kindness like they would like to be treated.

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