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Your Child's Gifts

Recognizing your child’s core strengths – their gifts in order to make their contributions to the world (being of service) can be their way of earning a living while being of service and doing what they love!

In the beginning when your child is first born we observe and watch anxiously on all the developments that our children make like speaking, walking and accomplishments of just putting toys away. As your child grows pay attention to where your child puts their energy. The activities/energies that cause them to come alive and where you can see their passion. Take note on what is holding their interest and attention? Is the task that they are taking part in is it engaging them with long periods of time? What is keeping their focus and which ones do they keep coming back to? Where a child’s energy is directed is a telltale sign that something is activating their giftedness.

Suggestion for parents buy a journal and note your child’s interest and what

you see your child doing and interacting over time. What is your child reading, creating or wanting to do or try? Just keeping entries for a few years especially leading up to age 12- 13. There usually is a pattern of interest where a child can be aware of their strengths and interest.

With that observation and wanting to encourage that interest you need to watch

your interpretations of their gifts. Some parents recognize their child’s talent and gifts

right away due to the child has a natural calling which is noticeable at early ages

like gymnast, pianist, baseball player, soccer, or something very recognizable

early on.

For some, keep in mind parents, that there are many gifts which we call jobs,

but are still gifts in many fields around one talent that our child may find themselves

excelling in. Your child may show an interest in singing and love music. Maybe, the child doesn’t have the best singing voice, but not to discourage, the child maybe the songwriter, producer, write musicals and is gifted in an area of music you aren’t aware of.

This is why journaling can be so important, so you can always go back to and see what was truly inspiring for your child. As we get older and life sets in many try to remember what was their interest and made them feel happy this is what some call their bliss. Living your bliss can come in a path that is meant for each individual and by recognizing that interest early on can open that path.

Observe what appears to give them energy. What lights them up and then feed that energy. Honor their gift and work with it. Let that path (interest) emerge for them by not blocking or frustrating it. Don’t be pushy either let the path unfold naturally for them.

So, what happens if you don’t see that “path” in your child.

Then expand the possibilities by exposing your child to as many adventures, experiences and circumstances as possible. Some outings can be costly for some, so collect magazines and do an annual vision board with your child. Have your child cut out words, pictures and anything of interest on that board. Save your child’s board to refer back to as your child grows and changes, but always look for the commonality of interest.

Your child is a gift in itself and each child (individual) has a gift to share with

the world. As a parent take action by unwrapping that gift intentionally helping our

children recognize, embrace, own it and become a master at using their own gift!

Responsible - doing the things you are supposed to do.

Independence - the freedom to live in harmony with the spiritual truth at the heart of our being.

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